Sobaron-Tingira-Cerberus-Leeuwin 'Our Lifetime Voyage' - Vol One$50.00
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Sobraon - Tingira - Cerberus - Leeuwin


Over the past eight years members of the Tingira Australia Association have gathered many hundreds of photographs, drawings and media clippings of our past and present day history on all things Sobraon, Tingira, Cerberus and Leeuwin pertaining to boy sailors.

Many have been donated to the association by descendants of the Sobraon and Tingira days of past.

Volume two is our living history as the new Tingira Australia association bringing together our past and present day activities.

The storylines of ”Boy Sailors” being part of thais living RAN history today makes these publications an asset for your library on navy books.

This will be a once only publication run of printing

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