2020 JR Reunion Newsletter

Fort the past 18 months our Tingira committee have been planning the 2020 JR Reunion for Perth next year. Today we see the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ as we turn towards the new year, the reunion is now only 30 odd weeks away from the first gathering on that Thursday evening at ‘B Shed’ on Fremantle dock.

We have been anxiously awaiting the AFL draw for the July weekend, with that now in place, we will work with West Coast Eagles and the W.A. Turf Club hoping to become part of their events over that reunion weekend and keep you posted on what will be available early next year.

In this third reunion newsletter issue we rollout two new accommodation offers for the Fremantle area, where many JR’s will spend the first few days of the reunion, we thank them for their offers and support to date.

The five day window for the reunion is now open for the intakes to ‘organise’ their own reunion gatherings. Some intakes are more organised than others, websites and full communications is their standard domain, others are just starting to make contact with a few boys on social media, some have nothing in communication at all. This is the time and occasion for those intakes to come together. Someone in your group has to standup and become the organiser. Here at Tingira HQ we have found the ‘Facebook’ network the most effective way to organise your initial contact and communicate with a group and get your group rolling.

Intake reunions – Be it a morning breakfast, luncheon or evening dinner, the Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings, lunchtime and evenings are open for their intake leaders to organise their events. We know some will take up the sailing, racing and AFL options, the numbers will be very limited on some of these events. The coastline voyages on board Sail Training Ship Leeuwin, are just about full for both Saturday and Sunday sails as we go to press this week.

For those who have a set time date and place for their reunions, here at Tingira we are able to communicate your details via the next newsletter (late February 2020) and the JR reunion website, send your details to Secretary via email – and we will accomodate your reunion event into the 2020 JR Reunion calendar.

The reunion merchandise orders are closed and off into production. We have been able to extend a new publication date for the Tingira books, they are still available in this once only price and print run until end of February 2020 more on them in the January issue of Tingira Voicepipe magazine.

Big thank you to all members who have supported the 2020 reunion so far and great work to our team in the West helping to bring it all together. From the Tingira Australia Association committee to all former JR’s and Tingira members, a safe and happy Christmas – New Year festive season.